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Get Ready for excellent set of Cricket camps this Summer at Sonning Cricket Club, headed up by England Internatinal Cricketer AFTAB HABIB!

New Members Welcome

Sonning Cricket Club is located in the picturesque village of Sonning on Thames, just to the east of Reading, in Berkshire.  

We are a very successful and popular village cricket club. In the 2017 season we will have 3 Saturday teams playing in the Thames Valley League, 2 Sunday teams playing friendlies against clubs scattered across Berks, South Bucks, South Oxon and Surrey and a midweek team.  All fixtures will be published on the website in December/January.

Having won promotion last season the Saturday 1st team will be playing in Division 2 of the Thames Valley League, the 2nd's in Division 6 and the 3rd's in Division 8.  Sunday fixtures run from late April to mid September, with 5 teams playing each weekend and mid-week fixtures we cater for cricket of all standards.  In addition there are a number of "one-off" fixtures the likelihood of a 2/3 day tour to Cardiff late July. The 1st and 2nd teams play at our home ground with its traditional cricket pavilion and bar at King George Playing Fields on Pound Lane. Our 3rd team play home fixtures at Blue Coat School.  Both locations have excellent playing surfaces.


Weekly indoor nets commence Tuesday March 7th and run through and include April 25th at Blue Coat School 6.30 p.m. to 7.45 p.m..  The first outdoor net session (subject to the weather) will start on Thursday 4th May at Pound Lane 6.30p.m. Thursday evening is also the club's midweek "clubnight" so if you are not up to the physical exertion of nets come along and limber up over a beer.....Wildthing will be delighted to see you!  For further  information on senior cricket, please contact Dan Le Marquand 07748520723 or email

Our junior membership with roughly 150 boys and girls continues to go from strength to strength following their inaugural season in 2008. In 2012 the club was awarded ECB Clubmark status. In 2017 we will be entering teams into the Berkshire Youth League at age levels U9's, U11's, U13's and U15's as well as non-competitive cricket sessions for the U7's. Training is held for all age groups on a weekly basis at our home ground King George's Field and at Reading Blue Coat School. For further information on junior cricket at Sonning, please visit our juniors page.

We are a very friendly and sociable club run by volunteers, new players who wish to get involved and support a traditional cricket club are always welcome. 

Gary Phillips

Chairman Sonning CC

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All Time Top Run Scorers
(since 2004)

8050 - Mark Richards
4975 - Jameel Ahamed
3477 - Duncan Parr
3215 - Ali Driver
3048 - Richard Harris
2966 - Sohail Aslam
2954 - Naqash Tahir
2937 - Bubbu Thava
2923 - Kevan Smith
2848 - Gary Phillips
All Time Wicket Takers
(since 2004)

459 - Abbas Ghulam
277 - Jameel Ahamed
235 - Kevan Smith
211 - Waqas Tahir
201 - Harvey Grout
185 - Mark Anderson
175 - Mark Richards
173 - Duncan Parr
160 - George Troughton
153 - Zahid Mohammed
All Time Top Fielding Dismissals
(since 2004)

193 - Steve Hill
158 - Nick Ray
117 - Mark Richards
102 - James Reilly
101 - Gary Phillips
95 - Ali Driver
87 - Jameel Ahamed
73 - Alex Ray
73 - Richard Harris
73 - Matt Hill

2017 Season Summary

Sat 1st Team171440102
Sat 2nd Team15129122
Sat 3rd Team17124443
Sun 1st Team171511042
Sun 2nd Team13102353


No upcoming events!

Upcoming Fixtures

19-Aug - Sat 1st Team Vs Beaconsfield
19-Aug - Sat 2nd Team Vs Royal Ascot
19-Aug - Sat 3rd Team Vs Reading CC
20-Aug - Sun 1st Team Vs Hawley
20-Aug - Sun 2nd Team Vs Farley Hill
26-Aug - Sat 1st Team Vs Hurst
26-Aug - Sat 2nd Team Vs ALDERSHOT
26-Aug - Sat 3rd Team Vs Royal Ascot
27-Aug - Sun 1st Team Vs Chairman’s X1
2-Sep - Sat 1st Team Vs YATELEY

Recent Results

13-Aug - Sun 1st Team Vs Little Marlow - Won by 71 runs
13-Aug - Sun 2nd Team Vs Chiswick & Whitton - Lost by 4 wkts
12-Aug - Sat 1st Team Vs ALDERSHOT - Won by 2 wickets
12-Aug - Sat 3rd Team Vs Theale and Tilehurst - Lost by 4 wickets
6-Aug - Sun 1st Team Vs Harrow Weald - Won by 35 runs
5-Aug - Sat 1st Team Vs SLOUGH - Lost by 123 runs
5-Aug - Sat 2nd Team Vs YATELEY - Won by 8 mwickets
5-Aug - Sat 3rd Team Vs BAGSHOT - Drawn
2-Aug - MidWeek Vs Finchampstead - Cancelled due to heavy rain
30-Jul - Sun 1st Team Vs Pheonix - Won by 99 runs

Top Run Scorers

709 - Pete Dean
626 - Jameel Ahamed
563 - Wazir Khan
435 - Rehan Akram
402 - Nick Ray

Top Wicket Takers

32 - Jameel Ahamed
30 - Zahid Mohammed
27 - Hasnein Akram
22 - Gary Phillips
20 - Abbas Ghulam

Top Fielding Dismissals

23 - Nick Ray
19 - Jameel Ahamed
12 - Wazir Khan
8 - Nigel Jackson
8 - Rehan Akram


185 - Rehan Akram 15-Jul Vs Farnham Common
106* - Pete Dean 5-Jul Vs MCC
100* - Jameel Ahamed 11-Jun Vs Farnham Royal
128* - Jason Pennisi 3-Jun Vs SLOUGH
100* - Jameel Ahamed 14-May Vs Twyford
117* - Stephen Mankee 13-May Vs Farnham Common
100* - Pete Dean 30-Apr Vs BRITISH AIRWAYS


56 - Sagar Dave 13-Aug Vs Little Marlow
66 - Bikash Gurung 13-Aug Vs Little Marlow
75 - Jason Pennisi 12-Aug Vs ALDERSHOT
58 - Wazir Khan 12-Aug Vs Theale and Tilehurst
67 - Duncan Parr 12-Aug Vs ALDERSHOT
63 - Gary Phillips 12-Aug Vs Theale and Tilehurst
63* - Sagar Dave 6-Aug Vs Harrow Weald
88 - Keiran Burgess 6-Aug Vs Harrow Weald
56 - Gary Phillips 5-Aug Vs BAGSHOT
68* - Dan Le Marquand 5-Aug Vs YATELEY
50* - Sagar Dave 30-Jul Vs BBC Caversham
65 - Jameel Ahamed 30-Jul Vs Pheonix
77* - Pete Dean 29-Jul Vs High Wycombe
55* - Hasnein Akram 29-Jul Vs Reading CC
58* - Wazir Khan 29-Jul Vs Datchet
50 - David McLoughlin 23-Jul Vs Wealdstone Corinthians
64 - Nick Ray 23-Jul Vs Wealdstone Corinthians
63* - Shamitha Widanapathirana 16-Jul Vs Basingstoke
51 - Jameel Ahamed 16-Jul Vs Basingstoke
74 - Andy Fitton 16-Jul Vs Theale and Tilehurst
62 - Craig Rintoul 16-Jul Vs Basingstoke
84 - Wazir Khan 15-Jul Vs Finchampstead
63 - Pete Dean 15-Jul Vs Royal Ascot
56 - Nirmal Singh 9-Jul Vs Hurley
79* - Pete Dean 8-Jul Vs BURNHAM
52* - Duncan Parr 8-Jul Vs BURNHAM
86* - Waqas Tahir 8-Jul Vs Kew
64 - Zahid Mohammed 5-Jul Vs MCC
70 - Inderveer Sahota 2-Jul Vs Penn Street CC
68* - Bikash Gurung 2-Jul Vs Penn Street CC
62 - Gary Phillips 1-Jul Vs Hayes
51 - Inderveer Sahota 1-Jul Vs YATELEY
66* - Jamie Travers 25-Jun Vs Hartley Wintney
56* - Sagar Dave 25-Jun Vs Hartley Wintney
53* - Bikash Gurung 25-Jun Vs ICL Fujitsu
51 - Wazir Khan 24-Jun Vs Royal Ascot
87* - Rehan Akram 24-Jun Vs ALDERSHOT
69* - Hasnein Akram 24-Jun Vs ALDERSHOT
63 - Hasnein Akram 20-Jun Vs Farley Beans
64 - Ben Butler 18-Jun Vs Sandhurst
53* - Ali Driver 18-Jun Vs The Luddites
53 - Zahid Mohammed 17-Jun Vs Beaconsfield
73* - Mark Richards 17-Jun Vs Royal Ascot
69 - Nick Ray 17-Jun Vs Reading CC
83* - Wazir Khan 17-Jun Vs Reading CC
55 - Mohammed Atif 10-Jun Vs Finchampstead
53* - Nick Ray 4-Jun Vs Odney
53* - Steve Simmons 4-Jun Vs Pheonix
56 - Inderveer Sahota 3-Jun Vs YATELEY
59 - Naqash Tahir 3-Jun Vs YATELEY
75 - Pete Dean 3-Jun Vs SLOUGH
60 - Hasnein Akram 3-Jun Vs YATELEY
75 - Jameel Ahamed 28-May Vs Reading Lawyers
90* - Shamitha Widanapathirana 28-May Vs Reading Lawyers
54* - Wazir Khan 27-May Vs Datchet
90* - Jason Pennisi 27-May Vs High Wycombe
83* - David McLoughlin 21-May Vs Hawley
58 - Naqash Tahir 20-May Vs COVE
52 - Pete Dean 20-May Vs Thatcham Town
69* - Dan Anderson 14-May Vs Twyford
66 - Mohammed Atif 13-May Vs Farnham Common
51 - Wazir Khan 13-May Vs Finchampstead
60 - Kishore Naha 7-May Vs BBC Bushmen
87 - Dan Le Marquand 6-May Vs Purley on Thames
76 - Zahid Mohammed 23-Apr Vs Magdalen
51 - Stephen Mankee 23-Apr Vs Magdalen

5 Wicket Hauls

5 For 70 - Gary Phillips 12-Aug Vs Theale and Tilehurst
5 For 45 - Hasnein Akram 15-Jul Vs Farnham Common
6 For 32 - Zahid Mohammed 8-Jul Vs BURNHAM
5 For 15 - Hasnein Akram 8-Jul Vs Purley on Thames
6 For 13 - Jameel Ahamed 25-Jun Vs ICL Fujitsu
5 For 57 - Kabir Dave 25-Jun Vs Hartley Wintney
5 For 16 - Naqash Tahir 17-Jun Vs Royal Ascot
5 For 83 - Gary Phillips 10-Jun Vs Theale and Tilehurst
5 For 31 - Mohammed Atif 10-Jun Vs Finchampstead
5 For 39 - Naqash Tahir 3-Jun Vs YATELEY
5 For 27 - Hasnein Akram 27-May Vs Reading CC

3 or more Fielding Dismissals in a Game

3 (2c,0st,1ro) - Jameel Ahamed 8-Jul Vs Purley on Thames
4 (2c,2st,0ro) - Nick Ray 2-Jul Vs Penn Street CC
3 (3c,0st,0ro) - Nick Ray 1-Jul Vs Hayes
3 (2c,0st,1ro) - Syed Naqi 25-Jun Vs Hartley Wintney
3 (1c,2st,0ro) - Simon Brooks 27-May Vs Reading CC
3 (3c,0st,0ro) - Andy Fitton 14-May Vs Twyford

Top 10 Quackers

6 - Dan Anderson
5 - Syed Naqi
3 - Jacob Fitton
3 - Nick Ray
3 - Rehan Akram
2 - Ali Driver
2 - Bubbu Thava
2 - Ella Phillips
2 - Emil Rayfield
2 - Louis Dean

Further information about Sonning CC can be found by clicking the links below


Max McNeill

Gary Phillips
Vice Chairman

Richard Anderson

Dan Le Marquand

Steve Rayfield
Membership Secretary

Gary Phillips
Fixture Secretary

Bill Travers
Social Secretary

Keith Denyer
Pavilion Manager

Ben Zagorski
Bar Stewardess

Christine Wilding
Press Officer

Bill Travers

Strik Pownall
Selection Co-Ordinator

Jameel Ahamed

Jameel Ahamed
First Team Manager

Alan Bright
1st Team Captain

Pete Dean
1st Team Vice Captain

Simon Brooks
2nd Team Captain

Dan Anderson
2nd Team Vice Captain

Waqas Tahir
3rd Team Captain

Gary Phillips
3rd Team Vice Captain

Nick Ray
4th Team Captain

Waqas Tahir
Sunday 1st Team Captain

Jameel Ahamed
Sunday 1st ViceTeam Captain

Dan Anderson
Sunday 2nd Team Captain

Bill Travers
Sunday 2nd Team Vice Captain

Nick Ray
14-Mar-2014Report to Parish Council March 2010Download
14-Mar-2014Key Objectives 2010Download
14-Mar-2014Club Code of Conduct for Young PeopleDownload
14-Mar-2014Club Code of Conduct for Cricket Club Members and GuestsDownload
14-Mar-2014Club ConstitutionDownload

How to find us


From Reading take A4 towards Maidenhead, turn left at the Woodley/Sonning roundabout in to Pound Lane, ground 200 yards on left.

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